About Our Herd

We have raised many animals over the years (including llamas, alpacas, chickens, geese, guinea hens) and were looking for an animal we could keep on our small farm that would be productive, gentle, and easy to work with. Some close friends of ours were raising Nigerian Dwarf goats and gave us our first two goats. We were immediately in love! Nigerian Dwarf goats are irresistible. They are easily handled and are the perfect size for breeders, hobby farmers and pet owners. NDG’s have sweet and outgoing personalities and come in many beautiful colors as you will see from our herd. They also provide many hours of free entertainment.

We are working to bring the best bloodlines into our herd. Our foundation sires and dams carry strong, productive dairy genetics from some of the oldest and best herds in the country, such as Rosasharn, Twin Creeks, Stonewall’s, Ponder’s End, Prairie Wood, Caesar’s Villa, Piddlin Acres and other quality lines. Take a look at our Herd Sires and Does for more information.

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